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Bluetooth Earbuds With Wireless Charging Pad

SKU 723466570145
Color: BLACK

Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds with the true wireless charging  

Every day when you set your earbuds on your nightstand, you simply need to set them on the wireless pad and they will be fully charged when you are ready to use them in the morning.  No wires to connect, simply place them on the charging pad! The ear pods are high quality with noise cancelation and clear crisp sound.  It has touch control and can Forward, Rewind, Stop, and Play music.  Auto-syncs to your phone or Bluetooth device when you open the ear pod case. It also features true voice commands for Siri, Google Home or A The charging pad can also be used to charge your Qi-enabled wireless charging mobile

Get All Charged Up for the 2020 New Y!


  • Earpods with wireless charging case.
  • Wireless charger pad in White Color.
  • Charging Cable included.
  • Select from multiple Metalic Colors.